Ways to spring clean your business

Ways to spring clean your business

It’s Spring, so it’s also time to do some cleaning! But what about your business cleaning? Ready to spring clean your business? Here is what I do every year when Spring arrives:

Clean Your Social Media

I try to do it every month. Which followers should you clean from your Instagram account? Fake accounts (accounts with no profile photo or profile), inactive followers, or “ghost” followers (accounts that are following you but haven’t interacted with you for some time, if ever).

Organize Your Inbox

We receive so many emails that our inbox is an absolute disaster as soon as we know it. Take the time to delete and unsubscribe to all emails you never read.

Revise your business plan

Some of you create your business plan and set it on a shelf to collect dust. Take the time to review your mission, your vision, and your budget to readjust.

Refresh your marketing strategy

Try creative new ways to communicate with customers and your ICA. Consider giving other forms of social media a try, and if you aren’t using video or email marketing, explore those avenues!

Revise your website

Chances are, your business has grown and changed during the last year. Take the time to revise your website, tweak your copy, modify the images, and verify all links!

What about you? Comment below; I’d love to know about your Spring strategy to clean your business.

Ready to spring clean your business?


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