Which colors should I use for my website

Which colors I should use for my website

Color is a massive aspect of branding. How do you find one that works for you or your brand? You probably want to know which colors you should use for your website.

First, you need to get a good understanding of what you’re offering and your potential customers (which we also call your ICA).

Here are some tips to help you select the colors for your website:

Get to know color psychology basics

The role of color psychology in marketing is an important one. You may want to read this post, ‘‘How to Use the Psychology of Colors When Marketing’’ to learn more about colors for your brand and your website.

Think about your ICA

To reach your ICA (Ideal Customers or Community Avatar), you must consider the personality and emotions of your target audience.

If you sell organic food, you may want to use green because it’s associated with nature and health. So it’s not because you love pink that it’s the perfect color for your brand!

Keep it simple

Think about simplicity. A complicated color scheme often confuses the eye.

Add some contrast

Contrast creates impact and can draw attention to certain page parts or a specific call to action.👇

Be consistent

Choosing and sticking to a color theme is important to develop a consistent brand. Why? To ensure that potential customers don’t receive mixed messages. Don’t color switch… don’t use a color for your brand, another one for your website, and one for your social media.

Try not to have more than two or three colors pop up consistently. I use Adobe Color Wheel when I start from scratch and create new branding and website for my clients.

What about you? How did you select the colors for your brand and your website?


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