How to set boundaries

Episode 49 Boundaries

Episode 49 – HOW TO SET BOUNDARIES. Learning how to say no and set boundaries is so difficult.

Zoe is a business owner who wants to learn how to set boundaries.

I am a new business owner. I create websites for online coaches, and I can’t say no to any projects. I’m so scared that no one will ever call me again that I accept every project. How do you set boundaries? Any advice?

Here are some essential elements you want to consider.

Define your limitations. 

The first step to building better boundaries begins with knowing your limits and when to say NO.

You have the right to say NO, but you need to say it in a way that will allow you to maintain a positive relationship with those clients.

Knowing your limits and not taking on tasks you can’t deliver on or are not priorities is the only way to survive.

Set your priorities.

When we start our journey as an entrepreneur, we want to say yes to everything and everyone.

But it’s essential to set priorities.

Create a list of the things you don’t want to commit to. Remember, when you say no, you leave room to say “YES” to opportunities that are a better match.

Consider the little things that hinder your productivity, such as meetings that will get you stuck in traffic and clients you find personally challenging to work with…

Communicate clearly to make your boundaries known.

Did you know that communicating your boundaries is the simplest way to manage what everyone expects? Share your limits with your team, clients, friends, or family.

I love to post online about a new boundary to make it known, feel accurate for myself, and help me stick to it! Make it clear, and set up a policy.

For example, if you don’t work on weekends, let your clients know you will get back to them on Monday if they send an email after 4 PM on Friday. 

Another tip: Practice pausing before saying “YES .” This means there’s nothing wrong with saying, “Let me think about it; I’ll get back to you shortly!”. Most people don’t want and shouldn’t expect an immediate answer from you.

Remember, boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, ordinary, and necessary.


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