Testimonials 101

Episode 5 – TESTIMONIALS 101. If you’re ready to launch your online business and need some testimonials but have zero as you start your business, this Q&A episode is your blueprint.

Zoe is starting her online business and needs some testimonials for a website!

I’m launching my online business in a few days. I’ll be offering my services as a copy expert for small businesses and write all the copy for their website, blog posts, newsletters, sale pages or Ads. I’d like to add some testimonials to my website, but I have zero as I’m starting. I worked as a copywriter for the last 3 years, but I can’t use these testimonials because they are published on the website of the company as was working for. What can I do to build trust with my ICA?

Thanks for your help!

Here is what you can do.

It’s normal to have zero testimonials when we launch a new product or service, but as you need to build trust with your potential customers, here is my Answer to your Question!

Can you offer your services for FREE to 3 potential customers in return for some testimonials?

Maybe you can write one blog post or a landing page for them. You aim to build trust and show authority as you start from scratch.

Did you ever receive an email or a message on Facebook or Instagram saying that your work was awesome?

If you did, can you contact them and ask if you can use their comment for your website as a testimonial? Don’t forget to get their permission first, especially if you want to put their name and photo out there.

Another tip: Maybe you can advertise your new service and business in different Facebook groups, telling them you are offering your services in exchange for testimonials as you launch something NEW.

Remember, don’t create FAKE testimonials… that won’t be honest to your future customers.

By offering your services for FREE, you will get these testimonials in a few days…


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