Lead magnet tips

Lead magnet tips

Today, let’s talk about how to create an amazing lead magnet. In Lead Magnet Ideas, we talked about different examples you can create for potential buyers in exchange for their email addresses or other contact information.

Ready to learn how to create a Lead Magnet? We’re tackling everything you need to know to quickly and easily create your Lead magnets to grow your email list.

Step 1 – Target Your ICA

If you try to attract everyone with your Lead Magnet, it will do the exact opposite! Remember, you can’t sell EVERYTHING to EVERYONE.

It would help if you were ultra-specific about the people you want to target.

If your Lead Magnet isn’t relevant to the wants and needs of your ICA, they aren’t going to download it. If you have more than one ICA, create multiple lead magnets where each will only target one of them.

Step 2 – Establish Your Goal

Now that you have selected your ICA, you must give them a compelling reason to download your Lead Magnet. The number of leads your Lead Magnet generates will be directly tied to the promise you make to those prospective leads.

What’s your goal with your Lead Magnet?

You need to figure out what they need and deliver that. Be specific and create something simple.

Provide a quick solution to a problem and remember that the quicker you can get the results, the better.

Step 3 – Pick an Eye-Catching Name

Now that you know what you’re offering and to whom, it’s time to pick a name for your Lead Magnet. Remember that your Lead Magnet title is bound to make a drastic difference in its conversion rate. We have success with our 100+ Free Tools & Resources to Start, Grow and Manage Your Biz Lead Magnet!

Step 4 – Choose What Type of Lead Magnet You Will Offer

Now it’s time to choose the Lead Magnet you want to offer.

Remember to keep it simple.

Maybe start with a Coaching Session, a Guide, a Checklist, or a Giveaway, and when you’re ready, create a Newsletter or a Masterclass.

Step 5 – Create Your Lead Magnet

Now, it’s time to create your Lead Magnet! As you work on your Lead Magnet, remember who it’s your ICA and the value proposition you’re promising to them. By answering these two questions, the process will be straightforward, and your Lead Magnet will be easy to create. You can use Canva (it’s a FREE Tool) for most of your Lead Magnet. For your Newsletter, you have different options (MailChimpConverkit). I use Kajabi because my course is on this hosting platform.

Remember, people want a quick answer to their questions, so keep your lead magnet SIMPLE. If you’re unsure, choose the Lead Magnet type that you feel most comfortable creating, and GO! Test it to see how many leads your Lead Magnet generates.

What about your Lead Magnet? Drop the link below to share it; I’d love to see it.


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