Hey! To help you get your questions answered quickly, I created this new mini-post series all about Squarespace and Biz tips. Blogs in the mini-series will be shorter and sometimes related to a Freebie to help you get some answers to your questions.

Today, let’s talk about other CSS Tips. As mentioned in my Blog, CODE SNIPPETS & PLUGINS and CUSTOM CSS PART 3, CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets,” these codes and snippets give the opportunity to play with a page layout, adjust colors and fonts, add effects to images, etc.

Also, before giving you some tips from outstanding CSS experts (because we are not CSS experts and we needed help to customize our website), remember that if you’re a designer building sites for your clients, you may be tempted to add bits of code to make your client’s demands come true.

Still, it’s not a good idea… imagine if your client needs to make changes? You may have to offer your services on retainer to keep those sites looking how they should… and your client won’t be happy!

Here are some tips we used to customize our website:

Create a scrolling website animation

Thanks to Paige Brunton, who referred me to Louise Henry, I learned to create a scrolling animation for my FREE ANY GREY SQUARESPACE TEMPLATE. Here’s the link to show you how to do it!

Create scrolling text in Squarespace

Thanks to Inside The Square, I learned how to create a scrolling text like this one. Here is the link to learn how to do it!

Create a button on the navigation menu

Want to make your last navigation item a button in Squarespace? Thanks to Station Seven, I learned how to do it! Here is the code!

Add an Accordion to Squarespace

Collapsible accordions are a great way to display much information on your web page without overwhelming visitors. You may use this for your Frequent Questions or Terms and Conditions pages. Thanks to Station Seven, I learn how to do it! Here is the CSS snippet that will help you do it!

How can I get started with Squarespace?↓

We offer a FREE Squarespace Website Template and a Tutorial if you want to create your first website!

Add Custom Bullet Points

Thanks to Christy Price, I learned how to add custom bullet points. Here’s the code to level up the design by swapping standard bullet points for something more custom.

And you, are you tempted to add bits of code to make your client’s demands come true?

Cheers to your website, Y’all!   


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